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Business Planning & Advisory

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know that you are moving in the right direction? Business and advisory services are all about establishing a path, goals, and metrics that will help make sure you get there strategically.

Corporate & Personal Tax

We can complete your corporate taxes and your personal tax. By understanding your goals, we can make adjustments that can help to keep your income taxes at the most effective level.


The basis of all financials. Bookkeeping is the foundation in which financials, taxes, and planning is made. We can provide high-quality bookkeeping services that are technology-focused so that they are more efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective.

Cashflow Planning & Forecasting

To take any trip, you probably need money in your pocket. We can provide you, your investor or your lender a comprehensive cash flow plan so that you make sure that money is coming in when you need it the most.

Notice to Readers

Whether it is for your own review or for financial institutions, we can prepare professional statements that will position you for the best outcome to reach your goals.

Software Transitions

Modernizing your accounting systems will allow for increased integration with other accounting platforms and efficiency in understanding your business transactions.


I began my career in accounting working as an in-house accountant for several small-medium-enterprises in North Bay. I also worked for a multi-national accounting firm while obtaining my CPA designation.

In 2015, I created a referral basis accounting firm with a different approach. Accounting Measures is a professional firm that focuses on both the experience and the result. We take a broad business approach that uses accounting as a basis for decision making and makes it effective and enjoyable.

Welcome, and let us show you the true meaning of value.


Our Mission

  • Provide financial analysis and professional accounting services that are client-centric.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of the client’s business operations and processes to provide strategic financial guidance.
  • Continuous engagement and collaboration with clients to manage current and future business goals/needs.

Our Vision

Provide full financial visibility to help clients understand business operations and allow for strategic growth.

Chartered Professional Accountants of OntarioNipissing UniversityThree Best Rated®


This is a pretty normal question without an easier answer. We have standard rates for some basic items such as a simple personal or corporate tax return. That said, it really depends on how well the bookkeeping is done and the complexity of the return(s). Hence a preliminary discussion is always helpful which brings us to the next point.
Yes. We are happy to talk to prospective clients about their requirements on the phone, at a meeting or both. Unlike some firms, we do not set a maximum time for the meeting. However, to safeguard our position, we do reserve the right to make charges if the discussions move to giving detailed advice.
We represent a variety of different small businesses in all sorts of industries. It’s definitely a perk of the job to be able to see initiatives and drive our clientele in their various industries. That said, the accounting and tax problems for most businesses tend to be remarkably similar.
We are generalists. We dabble in a bit of everything. As such, for the majority of businesses, we encompass all of their needs. That said, we are well supported with linkage to advanced tax professionals.
Accountants are obliged by their professional ethics to obtain professional clearance from the previous accountant. In almost all cases this is not a problem. The procedure for handing over a client’s affairs is then usually very straightforward. The previous accountant should not make a charge for this and we would naturally not charge either.



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