Corporate and Personal Tax Accountants


Who? What? Where?


Amit began his career in accounting working as an in-house accountant for several small-medium-enterprise in North Bay. He then worked for a multi-national accounting firm while obtaining his CPA designation. 

Journey & goal


In 2015, I created a referral basis accounting firm with a different approach. Accounting Measures is a professional firm that focuses on both the experience and the result. Take a broad business approach that uses accounting as a basis on decision making and make it effective and enjoyable. 

How did you get here?

Word spreads and growth continues as the  brand of different is accepted. Friends tell friends, business associates tell partners and you find yourself here. Welcome.

Classic Character, Modern Touch

The standard

We can do all of this:

  • Business Planning and Advisory
  • Corporate and Personal Tax
  • Notice to readers
  • Forecasting, cash flow planning
  • Bookkeeping

The difference

Accounting and taxation are rule based and hence, the numbers should be the same. The experience getting there and the decision from the result thereafter are different. There is more to this than just numbers.

Adding Value

Value is a term that is overused and under appreciated. Its not the dollar that matters, its what we can do with it. Let us show you the true meaning of value.


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